Nankang Software Park - Phase 2

office building / Taipei, Taiwan / 2003

International standard software park

– 5A intelligent park for pollution-free, high-output knowledge intensive industry;
– Ideal enviornment for software companies to grow;
– World-class software development center.

Design for people-nature-technology balance

– The advanced office design;
– Smart, efficient and comfortable work space;
– Raised floors that offer flexible space for air-con, power supply, telecom equipments and network devices;
– Automatic control system for electromechanical facilities, hygiene system, telecom equipments and HVAC system;
– Double-loop uninterruptible power;
– Systematic design for electromechanics, telecommunications and safety management;
– Large green space;
– Water scape park, green avenue and leisure square, space for you to rest and reset.

Professional services

– Information center;
– Service center for shared IT facilities;
– Service center for software certification;
– Service center for sofeware application;
– Training center for software management;
– Center for telecom and OSI testing.