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United Development Corporation

United Development Corporation was founded in 1994 by the major shareholders CDC, TECO and Dongan Investment. Key business includes:
1. Feasibility study and consulting service for domestic and overseas industrial parks development;
2. Consulting service for domestic and overseas real estate development;
3. Provide development, management and leasing service for state-owned/private office building, standard factories and industrial parks;
4. Planning and consulting for demostic and overseas joint development projects of government and private sectors.

Other investment:
1. SBDMC: in charge of development and management for Subic Bay Gateway Park, joint venture with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (a.k.a. SBMA);
2. GIPI: co-founded by Shihua Development, CDC and Dongan Asset Management, in charge of developing and selling luxury apartments and condos in Subic Bay.