Nankang Software Park - Phase 1

office building / Taipei, Taiwan / 2002

Green power supply system

– 69 KV Extra-high voltage power supply;
– Continuous Power System (4000 KVA);
– Uninterruptible Power System;
– Emergency power cover over 40% of electricity consumption;

High-quality, high-stability and economical ICT service

– High speed fibre broadband network;
– National demo area for information infrastructure and telecommunications;
– Chunghwa telecom special service counter;
– VC unshielded telephone cables, 12-core single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables and 75 ohm high-frequency coaxial cables.

Displacement HVAC system

– York Air Handling Units with B.A.C. ice storage system;
– More than 30,000 central control sensors optimize energy efficiency;
– Underfloor air-con and blowing outlet offers the most confortable work space.

Module raised floors

– 45cm high raised floors;
– Offer flexible space for air-con, power supply, telecom equipments and network devices.