Nankang Software Park – Phase 3

office building / Taipei, Taiwan / 2008

Nankang Software Park is the leader in Taiwan industrial development and a world-class technology R&D base. It is home to various industries including digital content, biotechnology, electronics, semi-conductor, and etc. The park is also the hub for national research institutions such as Academia Sinica, the Institute for Information Industry, Biotechnology Center, the National Institutes of Health, Taiwan Design Center, the IC Design Incubation Center, the Semiconductor Institute, and the Digital Content Institute. Nankang Software Park is the top choice for international technology corporations to locate their offices and the platform for Taiwan local companies to connect to the world.

With the support of the central government and the Taipei City government, Nankang Software Park is facilitated with a complete transportation infrastructure. CDC designed and constructed the park as the landmark for technology and the economic sectors, successfully making Nankang the entrance to the Taipei Technology Corridor, creating an annual production value of 35 billion USD. Eighty percent of the corporations in the park are MNCs.

The park is a friendly environment installed with many convenient facilities such as one-stop business registration desks, biotechnology labs, business incubators, small-scale office units, and office space suitable for headquarters, providing various solutions to cater to different business needs, giving every individual working here quality services and providing companies the best business environment.



Nankang Software Park – Phase 1

office building / Taipei, Taiwan / 2002

Green power supply system
– 69 KV Extra-high voltage power supply;
– Continuous Power System (4000 KVA);
– Uninterruptible Power System;
– Emergency power cover over 40% of electricity consumption;

High-quality, high-stability and economical ICT service
– High speed fibre broadband network;
– National demo area for information infrastructure and telecommunications;
– Chunghwa telecom special service counter;
– VC unshielded telephone cables, 12-core single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables and 75 ohm high-frequency coaxial cables.

Displacement HVAC system
– York Air Handling Units with B.A.C. ice storage system;
– More than 30,000 central control sensors optimize energy efficiency;
– Underfloor air-con and blowing outlet offers the most confortable work space.

Module raised floors
– 45cm high raised floors;
– Offer flexible space for air-con, power supply, telecom equipments and network devices.


Nankang Software Park – Phase 2

office building / Taipei, Taiwan / 2003

International standard software park
– 5A intelligent park for pollution-free, high-output knowledge intensive industry;
– Ideal enviornment for software companies to grow;
– World-class software development center.

Design for people-nature-technology balance
– The advanced office design;
– Smart, efficient and comfortable work space;
– Raised floors that offer flexible space for air-con, power supply, telecom equipments and network devices;
– Automatic control system for electromechanical facilities, hygiene system, telecom equipments and HVAC system;
– Double-loop uninterruptible power;
– Systematic design for electromechanics, telecommunications and safety management;
– Large green space;
– Water scape park, green avenue and leisure square, space for you to rest and reset.

Professional services
– Information center;
– Service center for shared IT facilities;
– Service center for software certification;
– Service center for sofeware application;
– Training center for software management;
– Center for telecom and OSI testing.


Subic Bay Gateway Park

Industrial Park / Subic Bay, Phillipines / 1996

Subic Bay Gateway Park (SBGP) is an indicator project that well manifests CDC’s capability in industrial real estate development. It was established in the backdrop of Taiwan government’s “Go South Policy" in the 90s, with the aim to encourage Taiwanese enterprises to invest in foreign markets.

The park covers 300 ha. of land, hosting 147 companies, including Wistron, EZSET, TECO, Tailin, Taiwan HITACHI, and Taian. SBGP is the biggest foreign investment project in the Philippines. Its annual FOB exports amount to 500 million USD, and it is the largest job market in the area with a total of 12,500 technical employees, contributing greatly to economic development.


THSR Changhua Station

Infrustracture / Changhua, Taiwan / 2015

Located in Tianchung District, Changhua, the constraction is started in January 2012 and completed in July 2015.
It’s designed by Mr. Kris Yao and the team from Kris Yao Artech. Light can be easily imported by petal-shape walls and columns and flower-shape skylights. Meanwhile, the greenhouse gardens around the station can integrate the station into nature landscape. Sunshine and flowers are the symbol of Changhua Station and the prefect presentation to make travellers know the characteristics of Changhua.

THSR Changhua Station is a newly-built four-story elevated station, the ground floor is station lobby, service center, commercial area and machine room, the second floor is hallway and offices, the third floor is electromechanical facilities and the forth floor is platforms. Joint venture by TECO and Century Tech. C&M

– Gold-level green building;
– MOTE (Ministry of Transportations and Communications) ranks THSR Changhua Station as the #3 place in 2014 for environmental impact assessment


Royal Park

Residential / Taipei, Taiwan / 2005

Owner: Century Development Corporation
Designer: Lin Chen Kun Architects
Supervisor: Lin Chen Kun Architects
Location: Neihu District, Taipei
Duration: 450 days
Gross Constraction Cost: 281,950,000 TWD
Solo contractor

– Large-scale low-rise villa;
– Japanese-style minimalist design;
– Smart house;
– Professional porperty management team;
– Close to MRT station.

Construction Status: Completion in August 2006



Academia Sinica / Astronomy Mathematics Building

Educational Facility / Taipei, Taiwan / 2009

Owner: Academia Sinica
Designer: Chung Che Huan Architects
Supervisor: J. J. Pan & Partners, Architects & Planners
Location: Da’an District, Taipei
Duration: 905 days
Date of Commercement: November 4th, 2005
Gross comstruction Cost: 1,110,800,000 TWD
Joint venture with TECO

Feature: Includes telescope, lecture hall, library, research facilities, optical testing laboratory, clean room, microwave lab, etc.

Construction status: Completion


Shihting Church (Renovation)

Community Church / New Taipei, Taiwan / 2005

Owner: Chung-lun branch, The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Designer: Jiang Chi Hao Architects
Supervisor: Jiang Chi Hao Architects
Location: Shiihting District, New Taipei
Duration: 5.5 month
Date of Commencement: 3rd May, 2010
Gross Construction Cost: 17,500,000 TWD
Solo Contractor

Feature: Integrated with natural landscape

Execution Status: Completion in March 2011



National Taiwan Ocean University / Student Center

Educational Facility / Taipei, Taiwan / 2006

Owner: National Taiwan Ocean University
Designer: Fei & Cheng Associates
Supervisor: Fei & Cheng Associates
Location: Chungcheng District, Keelung
Doration: 490 days
Date of Commencement: August 3rd, 2004
Gross Construction Cost: 163,250,000 TWD
Solo Contractor

Execution Status: Completion in January 2006


Bei An Junior High School / Multi-purpose Building

Educational Facility / Taipei, Taiwan / 2012

Owner: Bei An Junior High School
Designer: Tsai Meng Che Architects
Supervisor: Tsai Meng Che Architects
Location: Chungshan District, Taipei
Duration: 680 days
Date of Commencement: July 8th, 2010
Gross Construction Cost: 238,800,000 TWD
Solo Contractor

Feature: The Common Building is a multi-function building, the basement is carpark and machine room, the ground floor is swimming pool and function rooms, the second floor is a comprehensive stadium. It’s a qualified green building.

Execution Status: Completion in August 2012


Wurih Substation

Infrastructure / Taichung, Taiwan / 2007

Owner: Taiwan Power Company
Designer: Chang Chung Yi Architects
Supervisor: Taiwan Power Company
Location: Wurih, Taichung
Duration: 860 days
Date of Commencement: June 19th, 2005
Gross Construction Cost: 140,000,000 TWD
Solo Contractor

Execution Status: Completion in November 2007


Linkou Power Plant / Underdrain Construction

Infrastructure / Taipei, Taiwan / 2017

Owner: Taiwan Power Company
Designer: Tai Hsing Construction Consulting
Supervisor: Taiwan Power Company
Location: Linkou District, New Taipei
Duration: 640 days (section 1: 560 days section 2: 320 days, section 3: 580 days, section 4: 640 days)
Date of Commencement: December 10th, 2012
Gross Construction Cost: 257,770,000 TWD
Solo Contractor

Feature: The canel passes through Marine No. 61 elevated expressway and intersects with oil pipeline, hard to build retaining wall and increase the risk of construction.

Execution Status: Section 2 is approved on June 5th, 2015; section 1 & 3 are approved on December 14th, 2015. Section 4 is under contruction.