Linkou Power Plant / Underdrain Construction


Linkou Power Plant / Underdrain Construction

Infrastructure / Taipei, Taiwan / 2017

Owner: Taiwan Power Company
Designer: Tai Hsing Construction Consulting
Supervisor: Taiwan Power Company
Location: Linkou District, New Taipei
Duration: 640 days (section 1: 560 days section 2: 320 days, section 3: 580 days, section 4: 640 days)
Date of Commencement: December 10th, 2012
Gross Construction Cost: 257,770,000 TWD
Solo Contractor

Feature: The canel passes through Marine No. 61 elevated expressway and intersects with oil pipeline, hard to build retaining wall and increase the risk of construction.

Execution Status: Section 2 is approved on June 5th, 2015; section 1 & 3 are approved on December 14th, 2015. Section 4 is under contruction.